Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guess Who Just Turned One!

That's right folks! Chase turned one on July 12th! We celebrated with my family in Emory on the Saturday before and we celebrated with Preston's family on that day on vacation. I can't believe it's been a whole year.
See Chase's birthday photos...
Today is the 18th so a year ago today Chase was just about 1 week old here he is then and now:

Here's what he's doing now, at one year old:
Can walk, but prefers to crawl
Can say a few words and will try to copy words and sounds if he's in the mood
Blows kisses
Waves bye bye
Gives 5
Is partial to his mommy
Uses a cup not a bottle
Eats about anything we give him
Has 4 teeth

Check back soon for more on our cruise vacation!


mrs. mayo said...

Happy Birthday Chase!! His birthday snuck up on me! I can't believe he is already one! Crazy. I love the birthday pics. Kaitlyn got that same swing for her 1st bday, and still loves it. I'm sure there is a weight limit I should check out....

hejlyeah said...

Haha. Cooper has a swing just like that we bought last week, and loves it. I can't believe how fast everything's going by!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Chase! I can't believe he is already one! You made it! Time to work on child number two!!!! :)