Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few things

Spoon Fed:
Chase has recently learned to feed himself with a spoon! Sometimes it's more messy than others but he's pretty good at it. He mostly just dips it in the bowl...not that great at scooping yet. Here's some video...

Our Saturday:
Preston and I continued working on our yard today. We've had lots of people out to help with the retaining wall but today it was just Preston and me...with Chase sitting on the side-lines of course. We finished back-filling it with dirt and put down some sod! It was great to see it finally coming together. Of course we're still not done but we made some real headway. Here's a few pics:

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hejlyeah said...

Whew. Hauling dirt sounds like so much fun! That's going to be really nice when it gets finished. he's getting so big. When can we come see y'all???