Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey There

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...at least not anything interesting...you know...besides budget stuff. I have two new websites that I'm working on right now so that's taking up every second that I can be at the computer. Things are going great...not a lot of new stuff to report. Preston and I went to a Hornets game on Saturday night. It was really fun. They played the Lakers and it was a sold out game. Good times. Preston's parents are coming this week so we're really excited about that. Chase hasn't seen them in a while so he's anxiously awaiting their arrival tomorrow. They offered to keep Chase so that Preston and I can go out for Valentines some time while they're here! That will be fun. (Maybe I can get Budget Nazi to take me some place nice. We'll see! :) Preston is changing jobs at work (still at the same place, just a new title) so he's really excited and busy with that. Lucy is in desperate need of the groomer (her absolutely least favorite place). I gave her a bath earlier and the poor thing can hardly see b/c her fur is so long in her face. haha. Chase is of course getting bigger and bigger all the time. I put away one of his 6-9 month outfits yesterday b/c he's too tall for it. He's so tall! (If 27 1/2 inches can be considered tall.) Here's a picture of him in the big bath tub for the first time. Hope you all have a good week!


hejlyeah said...

Awwww ... sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Fun times in the tub. I want a picture of this to frame!!! Rub-dub-scrub. Love, Grammy