Monday, February 13, 2006

A Fun Weekend

Preston's parents (aka Mimi and Papa) were here from Wednesday to Saturday and we had a great time. Too bad Preston still had to work but we did go eat lunch with him on Friday. Me, Chase and the Wattersons had fun running errands and we even went to Affair of the Heart at the fair grounds. It was really fun....kind of cold of course. Chase came away with a nice measuring stick to hang on the wall so that we can track his growth through the years. Thanks Mimi and Papa! We went out to eat and just enjoyed being together in the evenings when Preston was home.

Preston and I went out for Valentine's last night while Aunt Leah baby sat. We went to my favorite restaurant...the Olive Garden and even splurged on my favorite dessert of all time....the Black Tie Mouse Cake. After that we saw Firewall at the movies. It was really good. It was nice to have a full fledge date night with a sit-down dinner and a movie.

BTW - Chase turned 7 months old yesterday!

Today was just another Monday. Preston went to work and Chase and I did the usual Monday stuff. Another week is off and running.

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