Thursday, October 06, 2005

In comes the cold weather!

Weather: When I got up this morning it was 50 something outside....I don't know if it still is or not but it's pretty chilly! I love it...for now. :) I was really getting tired of the super hot weather all the way through September. Yesterday as the cold front rolled in I decided to take Lucy and Chase for a walk. I bundled Chase up with a blankie and I put my coat on and off we went. We were a good ways from the house when low and behold it started sprinkling. I put Chase's shades over him and my hood on me and took off back to the house at a jog....then it started raining harder. What can you do but laugh and run faster...poor Lucy, I just drug her along...Chase was smiling through the whole thing though!

Chase Update: Chase is really interactive these days...he loves to look at your face and smile...even laugh some times. Leah found that his thighs are cute when he laughs about that! He'll have a "conversation" with me by making "ah" noises and then I'll do it back and then he'll do it again. He'll also hang onto a toy and put it in his mouth if I actually put the toy in his hand...he still hasn't gotten the grabbing thing down.

Click on Chase's picture to see a bigger view.

Lost!: So my favorite show by far is Lost! So good. If you're not a fan you should just skip over this paragraph. Here's where I would like for you to post a comment and let me know your theories or predictions about the show. Preston and I got online and looked around at what people thought about last night's show. There are lots of "sub-websites" that have been created for our entertainment....they are meant to look real but are obviously for the show...created by the guys at ABC no doubt. I have a theory. I realize that this is not a valid theory as far as how the show is going to turn out but here goes...stay with me here: So Jack said that this (the hatch and the guy in it) was probably all a big experiment and the guys that set it up are sitting back having a good laugh seeing if he would continue to put in the numbers and press the button. Now Jack and John seem to be sucked into this "experiment" where they feel that they just have to press the button every 108 minutes...all for nothing... Now here we are, the audience, sucked into watching Lost and feel that we have to gather in front of the TV every week and read all their fake websites and the guys back at ABC are sitting back having a good laugh seeing if we, the viewers, will continue to do it, watching the show and visiting websites that are all for nothing. We're just a greater experiment. But you know what, I'll gladly take up the challenge and be a part of this thing because there's no way I'm missing it next Wednesday!


mrs. mayo said...

Uh oh, time for word verification!

Sara, seriously, he is the cutest little man! I can't even handle it!

Summer Allen said...

He is so handsome! You guys better watch out! I love this weather too! I can't wait to have a fire in our new fireplace!

hejlyeah said...

OH my! He's getting SO BIG and I'm missing it! Sadness. He is so precious.

Jessica said...

I love Lost too! I think it is the most exciting show on TV right now--may of the CSI's and other seem to be hitting a bump.

I, too, think the hatch is a big experiment--i'm not sure how it would end the world if it's not regulated by a computer! And I'm still not sure how that Desmond guy got there in the first place!

On another note--Chase looks so great! He has the most beautiful blue eyes...

K Speck said...

He is so beautiful! That little face is adorable....enjoy the fall weather with him- I'm so happy fall is finally here.