Sunday, October 23, 2005

Guess what Chase can do...and where he's been!

Chase can roll over!'s probably more like a fall-over but he does it all by himself! I've tried to capture it on video and I haven't gotten a very good one yet, but here's one to look at. (Click here to see) He did it on Saturday night while he was hanging out with daddy. That's right, I missed the first one (I was at a girls night), but I'm really glad Preston got to witness this "first" since it's likely that I'll catch most of them since I'm with Chase more.

And where has Chase been?... Well he's three months old and he has been to these states: New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania (and of course OK and TX). Chase and I tagged along with Preston to a business trip this past week. We flew into and out of Philadelphia, were in Atlantic City most of the time, and took a day trip to NYC. We took the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty over to the city and took a cab to Times Square where we had dinner. Very fun. Below is a picture of Chase and Preston in the front of a cab. Chase is looking at the driver like "I don't know about this guy." haha. (Notice the ACU hat, Leslie!) We also loved being in Atlantic City. Some friends (Rick, Lori, and Carter) were also there so the moms and babies had fun during the day shopping, checking out the boardwalk, eating, and more shopping. I think Preston and Rick really enjoyed their conference. In the evenings we went to dinner and saw the sites around town. Lori and I did manage to lose one dollar each at the slot machines in one of the many casinos. But we were quickly asked to leave the casino floor because our kids were not 18 or older. I was like "no kidding...he's not 18 yet...he's asleep in a stroller." Oh well, probably all for the best. I'm sure we looked really classy rolling our babies into the casino and sitting down at the slot machines. haha. Chase got to go swimming for the first time and wear his swimsuit that Grammy bought him. Too bad it will probably be the one and only time to wear it. :) As far as the plane ride went Chase did really well. He slept probably 90% of the time we were in the air. He did have about 10 good minutes of annoying everyone around us. Oh well, we'll never see them again. :)

Last weekend, before our trip we went to Dallas to Wendi and Wade's shower. It was a lot of fun to see all of the Wattersons. This weekend my sister, Amy, came to visit and we had a great relaxing weekend just hanging out. Chase got to see all of his aunts (and almost uncles) in the last week or so!

Oh and I've also included a picture of Lucy in her hoodie!


Carrie said...

Seriously... you guys are like the cutest family ever... :) great pics!!


mrs. mayo said...

Such great pictures! I'm glad Chase did good on the plane!
The kid is 3 months old and has already been more places than me!!

hejlyeah said...

Awww! Love the video. We need to get a flippin' firewire cable. Those pictures are so great! Glad y'all had fun!