Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here's a photo update for all of my blog readers...all 2 of you. :)

Also I thought I would pass along Chase and Ava's stats from their doctor appointments.

Ava: 19 pounds (20%), 29 inches tall (25%), and get this...head is 18.25 inches (80%) -> girl's still got a big noggin

Chase: 33 pounds (25%), 41 inches tall (60%)

Trip to Colorado with friends:

Summer Time Swimming:

Children's Museum:

Frontier City:

Check out that face! But he loves it!


Kelli said...

Girl, I love reading your blog! Your kids are SO CUTE! I love fun trips, this one looks like it was great!

The Brooks said...

OK...my baby is huge! Her measurements were almost the same as Ava's at our 6 month visit!!! They are both precious!