Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Suff in March

Swingin' on the porch.
Day at the park

Ava in bible class

Preston's birthday

A few fun pics

I'm 8 months old now!


Wendi said...

Thanks for posting all of the pics! I love your kids.

Amy said...

Ava is a little butter ball. i love it! chase is getting so big. Sometimes when he smiles it makes me think of you.

Elizabeth said...

Where do you get your headbands? I can only ever find the crocheted ones.

I LOVE LOVE the brown and pink dress & bow.

The Mueller's said...

It looks like ya'll had a busy month of March. I can't believe how much your kids continue to grow!!

allyo said...

Loved getting to catch up on all the post. Chase doesn't even look fazed by his broken coller bone...little tuffy! You two are so big and SUPER cute. Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.

The Brooks said...

Ava is always dressed so cute! Where do you find her darling clothes and headbands?!

Amy said...

I can't look at the pic of ava in the swing enough. she is the cutest baby girl ever!