Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Fun/Funny Things

So I found Chase putting his new dinosaur stickers to use yesterday.
Raise your hand if you're cute when you sleep.
Last Saturday we went to a kid's Christmas party put on by Preston's work. It was at Incredible Pizza. Chase (and Preston) had lots of fun!
Notice little sister checking out the cool game. I have a feeling Preston will have 2 kids wanting to sit in his lap next year!
Preston and Chase on the race cars!
Sometimes Preston drives too fast....
...and causes a pile-up. haha.
The kids got to talk to Santa and have a picture made.
Chase told Santa he wants a scooter...I have a feeling Santa might pull through. ;)

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Melanie said...

We laughed out loud at the stickers!! Good thing she doesn't have any hair - that wouldn't have been fun! Love you all ~ MiMi