Thursday, October 30, 2008


So as most of you probably know, me and the kids were in a wreck last week. We're all fine as well as the drivers of the two other vehicles. It was pretty scary though...I mean I completely freaked out which is way out of character for me. But seriously, what if one of my babies would have been hurt?

All three cars had to be towed and I found out yesterday that my car as well as one of the other cars was totaled. So who's insurance is paying for all of this? That would be mine.

Here are a few pics. I never even saw the other side of my car where it actually hit. I assume it's much worse.

Word to the wise for all of you moms and dads out there: If your baby is crying in the car....just let them cry. You never know what might happen in those few seconds you are reaching back trying to dig the pacifier out of the car seat.
So now I'm on the hunt for a new car. That has an up and down side.
1) I get to go car shopping!
2) I have to go car shopping.....with the budget nazi...aka Preston (just you honey)
Oh and also...the wrecking yard (in the "bad" part of town) is a really scary place to go by yourself.


hejlyeah said...

Imagine if you didn't have insurance! Glad y'all are okay

Charis said...

Glad you are okay! Sounds like a scary experience. Looks like Chase was taking it all in though :)