Saturday, September 15, 2007


I LOVE the feeling of fall. After a hot summer it's a welcome change. We went to the park last night with some friends and it was awesome weather...I even wore a jacket! Now when the leaves start to turn it will officially be my favorite time of year!

Here are a few randoms about Chase for those of you who would like to know:

  • He likes to have clothes and shoes on. Kind of strange for a kid I think. I changed his diaper this morning and just left him to run around in a shirt and diaper....he came up to me twice saying "pants on, pants on" in this really whiny voice. haha.
  • He still sucks his thumb while his other hand plays with his belly button when he is tired (see second pic below)
  • He is NOT a morning person. I have to wake him up at least 15 min. before he needs to get out of bed b/c he gets really mad when he has to get up before he is ready. He says "Get my bed, Get my bed!" Wow! Sounds like me! (I've been known to snooze for like 45 minutes in the morning....and my alarm goes off every 4 minutes.)
  • He loves playing with his friends. Almost every morning when we get in the car I tell him where we are going to go and he asks "With Ty, Carer, Bray, Efin?" (That's Ty, Carter, Brady, and Ethan for the grown ups.)
  • His favorite thing to play with is his Easter Eggs. He sorts them by size and carts them around in his tricycle, easter basket, and anything else he can think of
  • He is getting really good at saying "please" and "thank you"
  • His favorite shows are Diego, Dora, and Little Einsteins
  • He can say his ABC's, count to 20, and knows all the main colors. He can count objects pretty well too but only to like 4....he loses count after that
  • And much more but I'm tired of typing....

Here are some random pictures:

Our Church group went on a class retreat last weekend. Very fun! The weather was a little rainy but some of us braved the river anyway!

Chase and some of his friends! (I may have stolen the next two pics from a friends blog!)
Ladies Man!
Ring a Round the Rosie!
They all just started holding hands at the zoo! So cute!
Another pic at the zoo


Julie said...

I think his mouth is open when he is going in for that out mom and dad and ladies of the world!!!

Emily said...

I wish Cason could have been in the zoo pics...unfortunately we were at home with a head injury, as you know.

Melanie said...

cute pics

Charis said...

Gotta admit I was pretty impressed with all of Chase's talents. I mean he counted those blocks at the restaurant with precise accuracy (mostly). You've got a great kid!