Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun Times in Houston

Here are some pictures from our fun extended weekend in Houston. We had a great time seeing all the family. Even some Alabama folks headed down to Tejas for a visit.

Top to bottom: 1) Chase and Preston in Chase's new tent 2) Chase and Preston seeing how cold the water is 3) Mimi and Chase on the merry-go-round 4) All the family at lunch 5) Preston after having been pushed in the pool by Wendi! 6) Preston being made to ride a stick horse around the restaurant for his birthday 7) Us and the Garrett's at the Houston Rodeo 8) Preston blowing out the candles on his b-day cake with his assistant, Chase 9) Chase having a good time in the back yard.

So in case you were wondering if people actually purchase and send out photo Easter cards this time of year...the answer is YES! This is what I come back to after being gone for only 4 days! (I think it's time for an office that does not also double as a guest bedroom....)


hejlyeah said...

Sweet, you update this thing!

Charis said...

It was fun seeing you guys in Houston, even though it was just for a sec!