Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all have a great February 14th filled with lots of love!

Preston and I got Chase a big coloring pad and some fun washable colors for Valentines Day. I taped the paper down on the kitchen table and we all let our creativity shine!

Here's Chase in his Valentines shirt. He's such a heartbreaker!


Adam and Heidi said...

Hey Sara
we love keeping up with you guys and especially sweet Chase on your blog. The video of the boys running around cracks us up. miss you. lots of Valentines Day love with hugs and kisses, Heidi

Melanie said...

Nice art work Chase! I love the Valentine's shirt...maybe next year you can borrow Ethan's really manly "Prince Charming" shirt.

mrs. mayo said...

Happy Valentines Day! Chase is getting so big! I'm sad I won't be seeing you at Sing Song this weekend! It just won't be the same!
I saw Amy interviewed on the news last night - waiting for her fiance at the airport. She was so cute!