Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Happenings!

Click the picture to see it bigger.

Hope you are all having a fun Halloween! Here's what we have been up to over the last weekend.

1) Church Class Party - Good food, fun, a hay ride (pictured), and lots of little dressed up kiddos (also pictured)!

2) Haunt the Zoo - A walk through the zoo where they give out treats and have lots of fun photo ops. Here is Chase and some of his buddies at the zoo and him hugging his friend Mickey. :)

3) Fall Festival at Church - lots of games, prizes, candy, etc. Chase didn't have a great time here because it was so crowded and hot...and he's not old enough to care. Here is a picture of what it was like most of the time we were least until he got to take off his costume and have a sucker and play with his new glasses...things started looking up after that. :)

4) That brings us to Halloween...Oct. 31st. What are we going to do? Not a thing! Maybe we'll give out candy at our door. :)

Hope you all have a super day!


mrs. mayo said...

Chase looks SO cute in his costume! I love all the pictures!

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry I missed the hayride and party! Out little class brood has grown quite a lot in the past few years.

Love the costume...

bhomsher said...

i love the costume! too cute! he makes a great turtle.

Mimi & PawPaw said...
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