Monday, November 28, 2005

Lots of New Things

Well, the Watterson's have been busy the last week and a half! First, Preston's sister, Wendi, got married to Wade Holmes. It was a great wedding and we all had a wonderful time. Wendi was absolutely georgous. Not to mention that Chase gained an uncle during the whole event. Next to the bride and groom I'd say that Chase was third in line for attension. No one can resist a 4 month old in a tux!

After being in Houston for a few days we went to Austin to visit our friends Sara and Luke and their new baby, Cooper. We had a great few days visiting them. This picture shows with great detail the difference between a 4 month old and a 1 month old! haha.

We then left Austin and drove to my parent's place to have Thanksgiving. We got to see lots of family and friends, and ride 4-wheelers, and we even went to a football game. The Wildcats were in the play-offs. Too bad they lost. We saw a couple of movies and of course ate too much turkey and dressing.

When you are a baby your life is full of "firsts." Here are a few of Chase's firsts from the last week or so:

First time to:
1) meet some of his great grand parents.
2) wear a tux or go to a wedding.
3) willingly eat solid food.
4) drink apple juice.
5) swing on a real swing set.
6) ride a 4-wheeler.
7) roll over in his bouncy chair.
8) go to a football game.
9) go to the movies (he sat there through most of the movie but had to be taken out near the end...thanks mom!)
10) cry it out....actually that is happening right now while I type this. I'm trying to teach him to go to sleep when he is put in his crib at night. He's the right age to start trying. I'm listening to him "yell/talk" on the baby monitor right now (he doesn't really cry). I went in for my first 5 minute "soothing talk" check-in and he was on his stomach. That brings me to #11....
11) roll over from back to front.

Here are some pics from the things mentioned above:


mrs. mayo said...

Have I told you yet that he is the cutest thing I have ever seen? That tux is toooo much. You looked beautiful!

hejlyeah said...

The bouncy chair thing is hilarious! Had a blast with you guys!

K Speck said...

You guys are such a beautiful family and Chase is totally adorable in that tux!